Maintenance and Technical Support

Base maintenance

We guarantee a high quality under strict time constraints.

        A-checks (and equivalents);

        С-checks (and equivalents);

        Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP);

        Aircraft Structural Repair;

        Interior Repair;

        Main and Nose Landing Gears Replacement;

        Engine Replacement;

        Defect Rectification;


Line Maintenance

RUH AVIATION provides 24-hour maintenance service. We are developing a network of line maintenance stations and, if necessary, we can open a new maintenance station to meet the clients’ requirements.

        Daily, weekly, transit checks (and equivalents);

        Scheduled and unscheduled inspections;

        A-checks (and equivalents);

        Defect Rectification;

        Component Replacement.

Wheels & Brakes Maintenance

Our highly experienced team able to perform:

Restoration, overhaul of wheel assemblies;

Complete overhaul of brake assemblies;

Inspection of the hydraulic part of the wheel brakes;

Wheels and brakes non-destructive testing.

All procedures are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical documentation.

One of our services is high-quality painting of aircraft. Our services are based on customer requests, so you can choose the area of ​​work that is right for you: full or partial painting, drawing of symbols, emblems, logos or templates of various complexity. Employees who perform this service are trained in the best European companies which specialize in painting of aircraft. We apply the highest quality materials. This process can always be combined with other types of services, for example, with heavy forms of maintenance, which will significantly save the time of full service of the aircraft.

One more area of our work is NDT department. The staff of the shop are trained and certified in accordance with European standard EN-4179, so they can provide to our customers a high reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness solution. For aircrafts and engines inspections by the non-destructive testing following methods may be applied:

• Ultrasonic Inspections;

• Eddy current inspection;

• Magnetic particle inspection;

• Liquid penetrant inspection.

As part of the MRO certificate for C20 rating, RUH AVIATION offers repair services for composite materials and metal structures of any complexity for various types of aircraft. All works are complied in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical data and are carried out by highly qualified personnel with an extensive work experience.