RUH AVIATION is an All Inclusive aircraft repair service (MRO).

RUH Aviation MRO is proper provider to maintain the aircraft in airworthiness. Our experienced engineering team will perform high quality works with the possible shortest TaT. Our innovative monitoring system will allow the customer to always be aware of the work process.

Kyiv Sikorsky Airport, Narodnogo Opolchennya Street, 26A, Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine

+380 44 344 50 73

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    How to plan maintenance expenses? 

    Our service strategy is based on fix-price approach:

    Service package it’s a guarantee that you will not become a hostage in MRO. Our service packages allow AC operator to plan expenses upfront and planned costs won’t be exceeded.

    You need to select several service packages:

    • Package of routine tasks
    • Package of non-routine tasks
    • Interior work package
    • Exterior Package
    • We also provide consumables and spare parts supply services



    • Innovative solutions for online planning and monitoring of works
    • 6-slot Hangars facility
    • Our team provides unique and effective technical solutions to meet customer needs.
    • Any of our packages includes assistance in resolving customs issues and ground handling services.

    +380 44 344 50 73

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      Why choose RUH Avia?

      • A unique service approach developed by our team; we have completely re-designed Aircraft maintenance services.
      • Online monitoring is based on the innovative CRM platform where the owner can track on-line delivery progress.
      • RUH Aviation is the first MRO that actually provides the chance to pay less without quality decrease.

      +380 44 344 50 73

      What solutions do we offer?

      • Package strategy is based on an estimate of the total costs before starting work, which allows you to save your money and calculate the costs of subsequent maintenance
      • RUH Aviation MRO it’s always a guarantee of the fulfillment of preliminary agreements
      • During kick-off stage, we pay special attention to data collection through inspection.
      • After collecting the necessary data, it is planned that the engineering staff and resources for the works, what help to reduce the time of works on aircraft.
      • Each project is managed by RUH Avia dedicated project manager to ensure the quality of work performed.
      • Daily status reports are available to customers in our online CRM system.

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