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RUH Avia stock is frequently updated and our price is always very competitive.

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RUH Aviation MRO is reliable supplier of spare part for Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

More than 12 customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East trust our services and resolve their issues with us. 

We have a solid partnership network with a lot of shops across US and Europe to deal with a very complex issues including AOG.

Also, our engineering team focused to different types of spare parts overhaul:

  • MD-80
  • Boeing 737 Classic and NG
  • Airbus A319/320/321

+380 44 344 50 73

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    Customers and partners

    Our advantages:

    Our team process all request in a lean and efficient.

    RUH Aviation MRO stock contains necessary items to help AC operator with AOG issues.

    We focus on “flat rate exchange” program to provide competitive price for our customers.

    What is flat rate program provided by RUH Aviation MRO?
    The flat rate exchange removes the possibility of above normal repair charges by including non-standard replacement parts.
    To make it simple: 
    Customer provide RUH Avia with a removed part to exchange for a new or overhauled condition with similar PN item. As result RUH Avia provides a discount for the deal.

    Customers References

      Why choose RUH Avia?

      • A unique service approach developed by our team; we have completely re-designed Aircraft maintenance services.
      • Online monitoring is based on the innovative CRM platform where the owner can track on-line delivery progress.
      • RUH Aviation is the first MRO that actually provides the chance to pay less without quality decrease.

      +380 44 344 50 73


      • Innovative solutions for online planning and monitoring of works
      • 6-slot Hangars facility
      • Our team provides unique and effective technical solutions to meet customer needs.
      • Any of our packages includes assistance in resolving customs issues and ground handling services.