Maintenance and Technical Support

RUH Aviation it’s always a guarantee of quality in the shortest possible time.

Base maintenance

We guarantee a high quality under strict time constraints.

  •         A-checks (and equivalents);
  •         С-checks (and equivalents);
  •         Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP);
  •         Aircraft Structural Repair;
  •         Interior Repair;
  •         Main and Nose Landing Gears Replacement;
  •         Engine Replacement;
  •         Defect Rectification;
  •         Painting.

Line Maintenance

RUH AVIATION provides 24-hour maintenance service. We are developing a network of line maintenance stations and, if necessary, we can open a new maintenance station to meet the clients’ requirements.

  •         Daily, weekly, transit checks (and equivalents);
  •         Scheduled and unscheduled inspections;
  •         A-checks (and equivalents);
  •         Defect Rectification;
  •         Component Replacement.

Airbus 319

Airbus 320

Airbus 321

Boeing 737 300

Boeing 737 400

Boeing 737 500