Aircraft painting

Aircraft Painting Services

One of the services of RUH Aviation MRO is high-quality aircraft painting.

 – Full or partial painting

 – Infliction of registration numbers, emblems, logos or liveries of varying complexity.

Our employees trained in the best European companies specializing in aircraft painting.

We use the highest quality materials.

The first step is to conduct a thorough check for cosmetic and mechanical damages.

After cleaning of old paint and cosmetic defects are eliminated starts corrosion control process.

Then the three-stage process begins

– Manual grouting, the aluminum surfaces are processed by Alodine, which reacts with the metal of the aircraft, creating a layer of aluminum oxide.

This conversion to oxide alumina is critical to ensure corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in subsequent years. Depending on the aircraft type, an epoxy surface layer is applied to provide a perfectly smooth surface on which the main coat of paint is applied. To ensure the paint has a “wet look” and to ensure proper adhesion, a layer of polyurethane base coat is then applied.

Depends on the client needs, our team applies the customer’s Livery to match the appearance of the aircraft in relation to the company’s fleet.

In most MROs your aircraft will be finished, but in RUH AVIATION work continues, our “standard paint job” includes many additions:

 – Polishing the plane, including things like hinges and locks