We expect COVID-19 drama will end soon, and we predict that the operational process should resume in the next 2-3 months (Q3 2020), it will lead to problems that we encountered earlier. It refers to:

  • The complete absence or extremely limited reserve of competent human resources since it will be absorbed by the market due to the urgent needs of lessors or operators.
  • The need for clear prioritization and focus on the right market participants / parts of the fleet, which must be managed in the first place.
    Being one step ahead and in a fully prepared mood will certainly receive a winning impetus for landlords and operators, as they will have the best specialists to most effectively manage their capabilities and risks.

Given all the above, RUH Aviation offers our customers assistance in the context of the provision of “one-stop shop”:

Proposal description

  1. From parking to a full service package from RUH Aviation MRO:
    We at RUH Aviation see a great demand for aircraft parking, CAMO and Line/Base maintenance, unfortunately, when 60-70% of the world fleet is grounded and Operators waiting for quarantine measures to be lifted, RUH Aviation promotes services not only for aircraft maintenance but also in storage at our bases in Ukraine as well as the CAMO service Our unique advantage is that we can offer a full range of services.
  1. Importance and value of CAMO during COVID-19:
    The value of CAMO in the continuous management of airworthiness and is disclosed during transition periods.
    This service is relevant for all our customers, and the quality of CAMO services provided by RUH Aviation is an important factor. RUH aviation MRO is highly qualified specialists who control the aircraft of our customers. Our competent team of specialists is fully focused on the quality of the services provided and the management processes that have implemented the appropriate IT solutions both in the field of maintenance and in the provision of CAMO services.
  1. Our experience in managing processes shows that the direct costs of aviation assets can be reduced from up to 15-40%.
    Inadequate maintenance and an inadequate CAMO will inevitably cause losses to both the leasing company and the aircraft operator when trying to correct records, collect documentation and solve potential problems with regulatory authorities.
    The right choice of MRO, as well as CAMO, which is a division of RUH Aviation, is a direct mirror for choosing the right audit company. This is not just a one-page audit report; it is the trust and confidence that the auditor / CAMO provides to its clients.
  1. We offer our customers favorable conditions for the provision of services, which include parking, line and base services. A full package of engineering services (CAMO / AMO), which is cost-effective and eliminates several problems with airline operations.